Anne Collins, writer, editor, tutor, Tasmania
cover of The Language of Water poetry book

My Friends This Landscape can be purchased from the Publisher

My Friends This Landscape (Ginninderra Press, 2011) Poetry and Prose.

A landscape memoir: lyrical essays and poetry.

“ . . .  this carefully crafted collection of poetry and essays, earthed and numinous, bound by location and a particular lived experience but infinite in intimation, exhilarating and deeply restful, is a small jewel of a work.”  Terry Whitebeach


I went back the way I came but going back

is never the same, never just the reverse,

a mirror opposite of what you saw before,

the idea of nothing new, or even déjà-vu.

You stood on the rock, line down to the sea

and pulled an ugly fish from the sparkle.

It’s just a cod, you said, unimpressed.

Did you throw it back? Or did we eat it

in that shabby shack, its lino peeled and pressed

by years of holiday dirt pinched into place.


Excerpt from Making Tracks by Anne Collins in My Friends This Landscape.