Anne Collins, writer, editor, tutor, Tasmania
cover of The Language of Water poetry book

Seasoned with Honey is no longer in print but you can read a selection of poems from the book here.

Seasoned with Honey  (Walleah Press, 2008).  Poetry.

Anne Collins’ work is featured along with that of Lyn Reeves,  Mary Jenkins and Gina Mercer.  As a manuscript this collection  won first prize in the FAW 2006 National Literary Awards.

“The poems observe the surfaces and the sub-strata of place, people and politics with a keen and sensual gaze.” Synopsis, back cover.

Sparrow-scrabble in the roof,

nest is a four-letter word and lots of grass.

Virtue’s voice in my head – ‘you’re not up yet.’

Feathered-clatter, a poppling creek,

my eyes open, close again . . .

open, close, delicious sleep-deep mornings,

dipping into dreams’ soft centres.


Coming-to in the sun,

windows full of trees. Through the dapple

a pool of creek hosts frog a capella in ripples.

Water curls beneath the bridge     slips away,

the road in and out is empty.

I blink in slow motion. A cool breath

shifts the leaves, moderate to fresh a stiff breeze,

satisfied weaverbirds chrleep.

My dog comes in for a scratch,

the day is getting serious. Tap, tap, tap

on the hill, brick and tile roosting,

progress. The garbage truck soars past,

its tailwind thwacks the house,

bin-thud echoes cross the valley,

a raven yawns  aaarrrk.

Drinking coffee, eating toast,

I swallow whole, clouds, air, sky.


Waking Up to Spring by Anne Collins in Seasoned with Honey.