Anne Collins, writer, editor, tutor, Tasmania
cover of The Language of Water poetry book

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The Language of Water (Walleah Press , 2014),  Poetry.

“ . . . the Language of Water traces an odyssey, a journey at once mythic and breathtakingly individual. Anne Collins melds lyric and narrative forms as she fuses inner and outer worlds, capturing life in a net delicately woven from, among many threads, alluring water imagery. “ Kathryn Lomer


The stillness was all sea-breath that day,

inhaling, exhaling a salty sigh.

The brink was temptation, her arms lifted like wings,

she wanted to glide like an albatross across the fetch,

over the trackless deep that might drink her down

four thousand metres to the undersea of nymphs, the benthic realm.


Excerpt from the poem The Meeting of Currents in The Language of Water by Anne Collins.
The book features six coloured photos of paintings by Marianne Stafford that were done in response to the poetry.